Gluten Free Baking Course

I want to be able to eat something that tastes wonderful. I want to eat something that will make me happy. I want to eat it and not notice it’s gluten free. I want to be able to make food that people don’t believe is gluten free. This is possible. This can be done.Gluten free bread
Over the last decade the number of people suffering and choosing to go gluten free has risen uncontrollably. It’s a problem on the rise. Even if you don’t suffer yourself chances are you know someone who does. You don’t have to suffer eating bad food!
Have you ever taken a cake to a party and had it rejected because of the label “gf”? Have you ever eaten gluten free bread that crumbles in your mouth or tastes disappointing? Have you even resigned yourself to saying “It’s bread. It’s just gluten free bread.” These are issues that are becoming more important to more people.
The course covers two aspects of gluten free baking that are major areas of concern for coeliac sufferers. Bread and cakes. On the course you will learn how to make bread, which is so good that even people who don’t live gluten free existences want to make and eat. Also we learn how to make delicious gluten free cakes and use some different ingredients in surprising ways.

The course runs from 10am to 4pm at Tŷ Paned’s headquarters in Cardiff. Address and details of the day’s timings will be sent on booking.

Lunch is included.

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