Learning to bake bread in the comfort of your home will make your life better. Fact.

There is something magical about transforming four ingredients into a loaf to be proud of. Our courses are all about equipping you to fit baking into your busy lives. If you’ve ever thought baking bread is too hard or too time consuming or even if you’ve tried to bake and weren’t happy with the result this course is for you.
We will go over the basics of mixing, fermenting, shaping and proving. We will demystify some of the science behind what happens to your bread. The best bit will be baking several different types of bread.

You will take home with you the most delicious bread you’ve tasted, a sourdough starter, a dough scraper to help you on your way, and most importantly, the experience and knowledge of how to enhance your life with bread that you have made.

Lunch is included.

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