About us

Here at Tŷ Paned we try to live the good life the best we can. Whenever we get the chance, we’ll be down at the seaside, foraging something for tea whilst soaking up the awesomeness of the Welsh coastline or maybe we’ll be  in the woods, miles away from work and “To Do” lists, mushroom hunting. We love to do anything which puts life on pause. It gives us time to appreciate being alive. From experiencing the wonder of growing something from seed and eating it to the alchemy that turns flour, yeast, salt and water into a thing of beauty, your own loaf.  Whatever the season, whatever the weather, we’ll be enjoying life with the people that really matter to us. We do it with great food and a glass or two of something, all of which we’ve taken time over because food is worth celebrating. Life is worth celebrating. Generic sildenafil

If you want to get in touch dafydd@typaned.com

The Tŷ Paned Gang